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Navy Demos Common Control System With Air Force, Army in Unmanned Medical Evacuation Event

command-control-systemThe U.S. Navy has developed and demonstrated a common control system that works to run unmanned vehicles to facilitate medical evacuation missions through a single ground station.

The service branch demonstrated the CCS with the Air Force and Army in an effort to show how the platform can control an unmanned ground vehicle and autonomous K-Max helicopter in a casualty evacuation event held at Fort Dix in New Jersey in August, the Navy reported Oct. 19.

The Navy collaborated with Neya to develop a set of data transfer interfaces between the CCS and the Air Force’s common mission command center.

BAE Systems and Lockheed Martin used the Neya-built interfaces to develop a functionality that works to facilitate sharing of mission plan data between the CCS and CMCC.

During the demonstration, the CCS worked with CMCC to transmit data to the Army’s Vertical Takeoff and Landing Tactical Interface controller to help the medic evaluate casualty evacuation routes and collection points as well as monitor the victim’s vital signs.

The Navy plans to integrate the CCS platform with ground, aerial, maritime vehicles.

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