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Terry Halvorsen: DoD’s Joint Cybersecurity System Will Change Continuously

Terry Halvorsen
Terry Halvorsen

Terry Halvorsen, chief information officer at the Defense Department, has said DoD will constantly update its shared cybersecurity system due to fast changes in the fields of cybersecurity, information technology and software, Federal News Radio reported Wednesday.

Meredith Somers writes Halvorsen told the audience at the Defense Systems Summit in Virginia that DoD’s Joint Regional Security Stacks will never have a last version if it remains functional.

“[Given] the rate of change both in software, tactics, procedures in this field, it has to get better, has to keep morphing, so we’re going to have that issue as we move forward with JRSS,” Halvorsen said.

“If you are in this business, the cyber-IT-software hub, it never can stop,” he added.

Halvorsen noted the Joint Information Environment effort to unify and secure DoD’s IT networks will constantly update to address threats, costs and usability, Somers reported.

He added the department needs to test and boost JRSS governance and operations, the report stated.

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