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Will Roper Talks Strategic Capabilities Office’s Role in Pentagon’s Third Offset Strategy

MissileDefenseWill Roper, director of the Defense Department’s strategic capabilities office, has said SCO is a “near-term” part of DoD’s third offset strategy, DoD News reported Thursday.

Cheryl Pellerin writes Roper said that SCO can introduce modifications to technological capabilities that could potentially pose a disproportionate training burden to U.S. adversaries as land, aerial and maritime domains become obscure.

“Wherever we can put a burden that comes down to the human level, I think we get an immediate advantage in the near-term,” Roper told attendees at the Center for Strategic and International Studies-hosted third offset conference in Washington.

He noted that the information age calls for the Pentagon to transition from a device-specific department to a data-centric agency, Pellerin reports.

“We’re in a world that is data-centric and data is going to be the fundamental fuel for national security into the foreseeable future,” Roper added.

Defense Secretary Ashton Carter also attended the CSIS conference and talked about SCO’s development work on a cross-domain technological capability for the Army Tactical Missile System, according to the report.

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