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Army Eyes Integrated Cyber & Electronic Warfare Career Field

ElectronicWarfareThe U.S. Army plans to integrate electronic warfare and cyber warfare into one career field as well as test new doctrine.

The service branch said Friday Army officials aim to produce a cyber electromagnetic activities operational detachment that is ready to train for warfare within two years.

“We’re going to look at an operational capability that we’re going to deploy to a theater to practice what we preach,” said Brig. Gen. Patricia Frost, cyber director at the Army’s G-3/5/7.

Frost added the electronic warfare 29-series career field will fall under the cyber operations 17-series career field by October 2018 but new electronic warfare operators will start training on a foundation that includes cyber and signals intelligence before then.

The director noted the Army focuses on efforts to train and establish the cyber force before sourcing equipment in order to understand all functions across the joint warfighting force.

A shared defense approach could support the services and allies in multi-domain battle operations, the Army said.

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