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Navy Forms New Detachment for Osprey Aircraft Crew Training

The U.S. Navy has set up a detachment at a Marine Corps air station in New River, North Carolina, to help train crews and maintenance staff on the CMV-22B Osprey aircraft, Seapower magazine reported Thursday.

Richard R. Burgess writes the service branch’s airborne command and control logistics wing has begun to establish the detachment in compliance with a Dec. 1 directive.

The new unit will be called Airborne Command and Control Logistics Wing Medium Tilt-Rotor Training Detachment 204 and will be related to the Marine Medium Tiltrotor Training Squadron 204, Burgess reports

The military branch plans to begin procurement of 44 CMV-22Bs in 2018 and expects deliveries to start in 2020.

The carrier-onboard-delivery plane will feature a public address platform for the cabin, a high-frequency radio for use in long-range communications and additional fuel tankage, according to the report.

Boeing-built V-22 Osprey is a military transport aircraft that has two Rolls-Royce-built AE1107C engines and a tiltrotor technology designed to integrate a helicopter’s vertical performance with the fixed-wing aircraft’s speed and range.

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