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NIST Releases Interactive Tool for Cybersecurity Job Seekers

JobAdThe National Institute of Standards and Technology has released a CompTIA-built interactive online tool designed to help job seekers find cyber career-related information.

Rodney Petersen, director of the NIST-led National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education, unveiled CyberSeek at the 2016 NICE conference in Kansas City, Missouri, CompTIA said Nov. 1.

“This interactive tool will assist its users—students, employees, employers, policy makers, training providers and guidance counselors—to explore opportunities they may have never considered,” said Petersen.

“It can also help us to meet NICE’s goal of fostering a larger workforce to narrow the cybersecurity employment gap,” he added.

CyberSeek is designed to help policy makers, employers and security professionals view the demand for cybersecurity professionals nationwide and identify the types of skills employers are seeking through varying color shades that show the concentrations of cybersecurity job postings and worker supply.

The tool combines job demand data from Burning Glass Technologies and job supply data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and cybersecurity certification entities.

CyberSeek’s interactive heat map also incorporates information on different types of positions from the Career Pathway program to display relevant information such as job titles, salaries, online job openings, in-demand skills, education and cybersecurity certifications.

CompTIA, a nonprofit trade association for information technology professionals, and labor market analytics firm Burning Glass developed the tool as part of a three-year grant CompTIA received from NIST with $249,000 in funding for the first year of the project.

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