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NOAA to Fund 11 Coastal Resiliency Projects; Eileen Sobeck Comments

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has awarded $8 million in grants to 11 projects across the country in an effort to establish resilient coastal ecosystems, communities and economies.

The proposals aim to revive wetlands, marshes and floodplains, remove dams and unnecessary or unsafe infrastructures and restore coral reefs across the country, the agency said Dec. 20.

NOOA added that the projects will work to provide flood protection to residents, rebuild critical fish passages and sustain fisheries and natural storm surge barriers.

“Americans who live on the coast face enormous risks when Mother Nature strikes; however, it is natural infrastructure–wetlands, marshes, floodplains, and coral reefs–that often serve as our best defense,” said Eileen Sobeck, assistant administrators for NOAA Fisheries.

The agency will fund the projects through its Coastal Ecosystem Resiliency Grants.

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