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Obama Nominates DOJ’s Robert Storch as NSA Inspector General

WhiteHousePresident Barack Obama has nominated Robert Storch, current Justice Department deputy inspector general, to serve in the IG role at the National Security Agency, the White House said Tuesday.

Storch will work to oversee NSA activities in the area of privacy in that role, FCW News reported Wednesday.

Adam Mazmanian writes in a blog post that Storch’s appointment will be subject for approval from the senate as part of the 2014 Intelligence Authorization Act that aimed to establish an independent NSA IG from the director of the agency.

He will be the first presidentially-appointed IG as the position was previously designated by the NSA director.

Storch started as an attorney at the public integrity section of DOJ’s criminal division and has since held various roles within the organization such as senior counsel, counselor to the inspector general and acting deputy inspector general.

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