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Tom Wheeler to Resign as FCC Chairman in January

Tom Wheeler

Tom Wheeler, chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, will step down from his post on Jan. 20 after more than three years on the job.

Wheeler helped advance the passage of “net neutrality” rules that require internet service providers to treat online content equally, according to a report by Brett Molina for USA Today.

He also supported a measure that aims to require cable service providers to develop applications that would allow viewers to watch programs without the need for set-top boxes, Molina added.

Wheeler was confirmed by the Senate as FCC chairman in October 2013 five months after President Barack Obama nominated him to the post.

Prior to FCC, he worked at venture capital firm Core Capital Partners as a managing partner.

Wheeler also served as president of the Cellular Telecommunications & Internet Association, now called CTIA-The Wireless Association, and the National Cable Television Association, now known as NCTA-The Internet & Television Association.

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