AMC Warns of Mobility Pilot Shortage; Carlton Everhart Comments

The Air Mobility Command predicts it will increasingly run short on mobility pilots over the next few years, Air Force Times reported Thursday.

Stephen Losey writes the command currently has an overall shortfall of 4 percent out of 7,940 total force pilots that comprise active duty, guard and reserve.

AMC Commander Gen. Carlton Everhart said up to 1,600 pilots will become eligible to separate over the next four years and that the U.S. Air Force aims to identify strategies to address the shortfall, according to the report.

“We’re watching the forecast, and it’s going to start dropping precipitously, starting at the end of this year,” Everhart was quoted as saying.

Air Force Times reports the military branch also considers reassignment of extra duties the pilots do not want to perform in an effort to keep them in the service.

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