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Army Eyes New Portable Power Tech with Extended Supply Capacity

U.S. Army researchers are working develop new portable power technologies that can offer sufficient amounts of energy for extended periods and do not require added size and weight, C4ISR and Networks reported Friday.

John Edwards and Eve Keiser write Ashley Ruth, a chemical engineer at the Army Communications-Electronics Research, Development and Engineering Center’s command, power and integration directorate, noted the service branch considers the use of two specific battery models including primary and rechargeable battery technology.

“We want to see improved safety, lower costs, more power, more energy and expanded operating temperature ranges, all while being as small and lightweight as possible,” said Ruth.

“The harsh temperatures and possibility of projectile interaction is a reality for military applications, so we must develop power equipment that can handle extreme conditions without endangering the soldier.”

Army troops currently use the Conformal Wearable Battery technology that supplies centralized power to multiple C4ISR devices, such as the Nett Warrior situational awareness system, via a battery integrated into soldiers’ body armor.

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