DOE, Oak Ridge City Enter Land Transfer Agreement; Ernest Moniz Comments

Ernest Moniz

The Energy Department has signed an agreement to transfer the ownership and management of DOE’s American Museum of Science and Energy building and surrounding 17.12-acre land to the Oak Ridge, Tennessee, city government.

DOE said Friday it will occupy 18,000-square-foot space in exchange for the museum site to help the department continue public education and outreach programs focused on Oak Ridge history, national security and modern science.

“This agreement will ensure that Oak Ridge’s history is preserved and shared while providing the city a new opportunity to create jobs and strengthen the local economy,” said Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz.

A University of Tennessee-Battelle joint venture helps the department manage AMSE, which was opened in 1975 to replace the American Museum of Atomic Energy.

DOE added the land transfer agreement allows for the local government to explore new development and economic stimulus opportunities.

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