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FCC White Paper Outlines Plan to Mitigate Cyber Risks

The Federal Communications Commission has published a white paper that details FCC’s strategy to help the telecommunications sector address cybersecurity risks.

FCC aims to promote cyber risk management best practices; urge providers to incorporate cyber during the development of new products and services; and tighten network outage and data breach reporting requirements, according to the white paper published Jan. 18.

The commission’s strategy also includes real-time information sharing with federal government and industry partners as well as the identification of cybersecurity as a matter of public interest.

The white paper also outlines cyber issues that will require FCC’s involvement such as the projected expansion of the internet of things to 200 billion connected devices.

The increase in potential attack vectors will necessitate “diligence and fresh thinking” from FCC and network operators, according to the document.

FCC also seeks to address the “unique vulnerability” of small and medium telecommunications companies that lack resources to invest in cybersecurity.

The commission added it prefers to work with industry to promote balance between corporate and consumer interests in cyber risk management but that the commission has tools to restore balance “if market forces do not result in a tolerable risk outcome.”

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