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Gen. David Goldfein: Air Force Eyes Light-Attack Aircraft Search in Spring

David Goldfein

Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. David Goldfein has said the service branch looks to begin its search for a light-attack aircraft this spring, the National Defense magazine reported Wednesday.

Vivienne Machi writes Goldfein said at an American Enterprise Institute event the military branch plans to collaborate with defense contractors to conduct an experiment called OA-X to find a potential commercial-off-the-shelf light-attack aircraft or a low-end fighter plane designed to perform close-air support missions.

“This is an experiment… there are very appropriate acquisition laws that ensure we have a fair and open competition; this is not a competition,” Goldfein noted.

He also commented on Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman John McCain’s (R-Arizona) white paper that calls for the Air Force to adopt a “high/low mix” of fighter jets.

Goldfein said such a recommendation would allow the service branch to maintain readiness levels and support the campaign against violent extremism through sustained air power, the report added.

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