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Lisa Monaco: US Election Systems Should Be Protected from Foreign Cyber Attacks

Lisa Monaco, homeland security adviser to President Barack Obama, has said the U.S. electoral process is now part of the critical infrastructure that should be protected from any foreign intervention, The Atlantic reported Friday.

Monaco said Friday at an Aspen Institute event that the incoming administration should work to implement international standards through an executive order in order to impose sanctions on foreign countries involved in cyber attacks, Kaveh Waddell writes.

“We have to be very clear that this activity will not stand,” Monaco said.

“It will not go unresponded to, and there will not be a free pass for malicious cyber activity against our country.”

Monaco cited the need for C-suite executives to take part in cyber awareness efforts and noted that cybersecurity should be considered as an issue that overlaps with counterterrorism, international relations and domestic issues, according to a report by Ian Lopez for Legaltech News.

She also called on government agencies to collaborate with the private sector to address potential cyber threats associated with the adoption of technology platforms such as the internet of things, the report added.


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