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Marine Corps Invests in New Version of Water Purification System

The U.S. Marine Corps has moved to update the military branch’s current individual water purification system in an effort to protect Marines from waterborne bacteria and viral diseases.

The Individual Water Purification System Block II will employ an internal cartridge designed to provide safe drinking water to Marines, as well as negate the need for additional chemical disinfectants, such as purification tablets to remove viruses, the service branch said Monday.

Capt. Jeremy Walker, a project officer at the Marine Corps Systems Command, said the updated system can integrate with present hydration systems and pouches and filter direct from the water source even without power.

“IWPS II will be especially helpful for deployed Marines in emergency situations when they are far from their base to ensure they have a source of water without resupply,” added Walker.

The branch expects to field the new system in fiscal year 2018.

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