Barry Van Lare: Next Administration Should Form Intergovernmental Partnership With State, Local Govt Agencies

The incoming U.S. president and Congress should establish a new intergovernmental partnership with state and local government agencies in an effort to facilitate the deployment of resources to help address domestic issues and reinstate public trust.

Barry Van Lare, president of BLVL Consulting, wrote in the Memos to the President article series published Wednesday on Government Executive that the new administration should create and maintain an intergovernmental database through the establishment of a cross-agency program that would facilitate data collection and distribution.

The next administration should also prioritize intergovernmental collaboration, promote dialogue among the three levels of the government and recognize state and local agencies as government enterprises, Lare noted.

The incoming administration should advance transparency and accountability efforts as well as build up the White House’s office of intergovernmental affairs and its counterparts at the department level by involving them in policy development, he added.

The National Academy of Public Administration developed the Memos to the President article series with the American Society of Public Administration and George Mason University’s Schar School of Policy and Government.

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