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Michael Daniel: Trump Administration Should Address Systemic Problems in Cybersecurity

Michael Daniel

Michael Daniel, White House cybersecurity coordinator, has called on President Donald Trump’s cyber officials to continue to address systemic issues in cybersecurity and introduce changes to information technology management, Nextgov reported Tuesday.

“Where I think we can reach some balance point is to say that you will have a more centralized provision of networking services at the networking layer and the transport layer and therefore the cybersecurity layer,” Daniel told Nextgov senior correspondent Joseph Marks in an interview.

“Then, the agencies are responsible for developing the applications that ride on that network, the specialized applications that they need for their mission.”

Daniel said he believes both the U.S. government and private sector have increased defenses against cyber attacks, but thinks more work is needed in order to help organizations change the way they manage cyber risks.

He also cited some of the Obama administration’s cyber accomplishments, such as the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s cybersecurity framework, executive order on cyber sanctions and the Presidential Policy Directive 41 on cyber incident response.

Daniel also discussed the IT modernization fund and the impact of Russia’s election interference on the Obama administration’s cyber legacy, the report added.

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