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Navy Adm. Kurt Tidd: US Needs Multipolar Strategy

Adm. Kurt Tidd

U.S. Navy Adm. Kurt Tidd, commander of the U.S. Southern Command, has said the country needs a multipolar strategy to address hybrid and complex threats on every domain, DoD News reported Thursday.

Amaani Lyle writes Tidd highlighted potential threats such as Iran’s use of fast boats and unmanned aerial vehicles, China’s development of artificial islands for navy and coast guard operations as well as Russia’s movement to boost its Arctic territory.

Tidd noted such incidents cover a broader campaign of state and nonstate actors that use military and paramilitary activities such as political manipulation and information operations to exploit civil society.

“Each illicit conveyance that reaches its destination further erodes maritime and border security and sovereignty, not just of our partners, but of the United States, as well,” said Tidd.

“We need to be thinking about how these competitors, both state and nonstate, view, use, and exploit the maritime domain [and] We need to assess the full hybrid toolkit at their disposal and how they’re able to work against our Navy and our nation.”

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