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Report: Navy Eyes Mountable Laser Weapon to Mitigate Potential Air, Maritime Threats

The U.S. Navy plans to deploy a 150-kilowatt laser weapon system that can be mounted on destroyers and carriers to eliminate potential threats such as unmanned aerial systems, Scout reported Tuesday.

Michael Fabey and Kris Osborn write Northrop Grumman currently works with the Office of Naval Research on the development of a new ship-board laser weapon designed to target  incoming small boats, aircraft, drones, ships and missiles.

The report said Northrop will design, integrate, produce and support shipboard testing of the 150-kilowatt-class solid state laser weapon system and DRS Technologies‘ power and control business line will create a specialized energy source for laser weapons for demonstration in 2018.

Donald Klick, director of business development at DRS’ power and control technologies unit, noted the energy magazine may also be used as a candidate for other U.S. military units such as the Air Force Special Forces.

“Laser weapons provide deep magazines, low cost per shot, and precision engagement capabilities with variable effects that range from dazzling to structural defeat against asymmetric threats that are facing the U.S. Naval force,” Tom Beutner, director of ONR’s air warfare and weapons division, told the publication.

The Navy has used the Kratos Defense & Security Solutions-built Laser Weapons System aboard USS Ponce  for targeting and training exercises.

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