Trey Hodgkins: Industry Seeks Collaboration With Incoming Administration to Address Govt IT, Cyber Challenges

Trey Hodgkins, senior vice president of the Information Technology Alliance for Public Sector, said the technology industry wants to collaborate with the incoming administration to help address cybersecurity, IT modernization and procurement challenges in the federal government, Federal News Radio reported Friday.

Terry Wing writes that Hodgkins said there is a common understanding within the sector that more needs to be done to secure government networks and implement measures to  detect vulnerabilities.

“[ITAPS] executives began a conversation with the transition teams back during the campaign, talking about what technology might look like in the next administration,” he told Federal News Radio in an interview.

Hodgkins observed that current acquisition and procurement processes have become dysfunctional and said he believes such systems must be modified to facilitate the delivery of the most current cybersecurity and IT systems.

He added that the continuing resolution process contributes to the current state of IT in the federal government and the pace with which the acquisition process unfolds creates an issue for the technology industry and government IT leaders.

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