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WSJ: Trump Eyes ODNI, CIA Reorganization Efforts

President-elect Donald Trump currently works with his advisers on the development of a plan to restructure the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, the Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday.

Damian Paletta and Julian Barnes write Trump also looks to modify the Central Intelligence Agency structure and relocate employees from the CIA headquarters in Virginia to field positions around the world.

“The view from the Trump team is the intelligence world has become completely politicized,” an anonymous source who is familiar with the planning group told the Wall Street Journal.

The report said that the incoming president has doubts over the CIA’s accuracy due to previous instances of faulty intelligence such as reports on Iraq’s weapons programs in 2002 and 2003.

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-California) said that a collapse of ODNI may result in national security problems and management and integration will help agencies such as the CIA focus on its specific tasks.

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