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Air Force Concludes T-38C Trainer Aircraft Modification Effort

Technicians from the 575th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron have completed modifications to the U.S. military’s T-38C Talon jet trainers as part of a $50 million aircraft modernization project.

The U.S. Air Force said Monday the squadron integrated an updated video data transfer system and a speed break indicator switch into the last of 446 Air Force and 10 U.S. Navy T-38Cs.

“Service life extension programs and modifications are essential for aging aircraft like the T-38 in order to meet current and future mission needs,” said Angela Micheal, manager of the T-38 system program and chief of the mature and proven aircraft division at the Air Force.

Micheal added the VDTS modification is meant to address a video tape recorder diminishing manufacturing source issue and to support flight and cockpit data recording during pilot training.

The SBIS technology is designed to provide a visual indicator of the speed brake position on pilots’ heads-up displays.

The Air Force also seeks to replace fatigued structural components on the T-38 fleet through the Pacer Classic III program and perform automatic dependent surveillance–broadcast updates as part of the Avionics Component Integration Program.

The Air Combat Command uses the T-38A and T-38B variants for F-22 Raptor adversary air training exercises while B-2 Spirit and U-2 pilots use the T-38 aircraft for companion training.

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