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Air Force Program Seeks to Facilitate Combat Decision-Making Process Via Cloud

The U.S. Air Force has launched a program that seeks to provide uniformed personnel access to data and expedite the decision-making process in the battlefield through the use of cloud-based platforms, C4ISRNET reported Tuesday.

Adam Stone writes the kill chain integration branch at Hanscom Air Force Base in Massachusetts introduced the “Data-to-Decisions” program as part of the Air Superiority 2030 initiative launched in 2015.

Under the Data-to-Decisions initiative, program managers intend to develop a “combat cloud” network that aims to combine data from various platforms to facilitate interoperability of data communications platforms, Stone reports.

The Data-to-Decisions team conducted experiments in July and November 2016 to demonstrate how the cloud-based network facilitates data sharing and processing operations between aircraft and ground operators.

“We utilized some data analytics to simulate the ability to have a distributed cloud, where we were doing some automated object identification and imagery processing,” Capt. Brenton Byrd-Fulbright, Data-to-Decisions program manager.

“It showcased our ability to do rapid processing outside of the more conventional processing nodes and ground stations,” he added, according to the report.


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