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Marine Corps Eyes Rifle-Mounted Laser Range Finder for Infrantry Missions

The U.S. Marine Corps looks to implement a rifle-mounted laser range finder in 2018 as part of efforts to help the service branch’s infantry squad leaders call in air strikes and artillery fire when they perform missions, C4ISR and Networks reported Sunday.

Shawn Snow writes the Marine Corps Systems Command currently conducts a market research and plans to invest $16 million to procure 1,800 laser range finders.

The technology is designed to help users access information on distances and locations of targets that can be engaged with heavy fire.

“The Marine Corps desires a smaller and lighter range finder for use in the infantry squad as it will be mounted on [the M4] and minimizing any addition to the individual combat load is always a prime consideration,” a MARCORSYSCOM representative was quoted as saying by C4ISR and Networks.

Snow noted that fielding new laser range finders may transform the approval process of air strikes or artillery fire missions, which he said currently goes through the joint terminal attack controller process.

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