Reports: Trump’s Budget Proposal to Include 10% Defense Spending Boost

blankPresident Donald Trump’s proposed budget will increase defense-related spending by 10 percent and cut the budget of some federal agencies, The Washington Post reported Monday.

A White House official said that Trump plans to boost defense spending by $54 billion and request $30 billion in supplementary military budget for fiscal 2017, Abby Phillip and Kelsey Snell wrote.

An unnamed official from the Office of Management and Budget told reporters that budgets for most federal agencies would decrease “substantially,” Phillip and Snell reported.

The report said Trump’s budget proposal will grow national security-related spending and impose reductions on other areas especially foreign aid.

According to Bloomberg, the proposed cuts would not impact entitlements such as Social Security and Medicare which constitute approximately 66.7 percent of the $4 trillion federal budget.

Shannon Pettypiece and Jennifer Dlouhy wrote the White House also looks to reassign the State Department‘s staff and eliminate a deputy secretary position.

Trump also told governors Monday at the White House that he plans to boost infrastructure spending, the report noted.

The White House is scheduled to submit budget targets to federal agencies one day ahead of the president’s Tuesday  speech to a joint session of Congress.

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