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Darlene Costello: White House ‘Not Likely’ to Trim Air Force One Replacement Specs

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Darlene Costello, acting U.S. Air Force acquisition chief, has said the White House is not likely to lessen requirements for the next presidential aircraft, Defense News reported Thursday.

Valerie Insinna writes Costello told reporters during the Air Force Association’s Air Warfare Symposium that the service branch and the White House’s military office could finalize the Air Force One replacement specifications soon.

“We work with the White House military office over the past few weeks on the [concept of operations] and the requirements that come from those conops, which will then inform our acquisition strategy on the program,” said Costello.

She added that the Air Force will adjust its acquisition strategy if necessary to align with the final set of requirements.

The White House has considered various changes such as minor engineering modifications and seating capacity, according to the report.

Boeing secured a contract last year to help the Air Force identify risk reduction strategies for the Presidential Aircraft Recapitalization program.

The Air Force selected Boeing’s 747-8 commercial aircraft as the basis of future Air Force One design.

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