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OPM to Cancel 21 White Collar, Wage Grade Occupations from Pay Tables in 2018

The Office of Personnel Management will remove 21 white collar and wage grade occupations from the pay tables on March 1, 2018.

OPM said Wednesday the canceled general service and wage grade occupational series have approximately 25 or less federal employees across agencies that report to OPM’s Enterprise Human Resources Integration Data Warehouse.

The 10 white collar job titles that will be canceled include coding, insurance accounts and cryptography.

OPM will also cancel 11 craft, trades and craft job titles such as metal tank and radiator repairing, chemical equipment repairing and chemical plant operating occupations.

The agency released the memorandum for canceled positions nearly four months after it proposed to scrap 37 occupations.

OPM said it expects agencies to complete the reclassification of impacted job posts within a year and that agencies may create official titles in compliance with the Introduction to the Federal Wage System Job Grading System and Introduction to the Position Classification Standards.


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