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Senate Votes to Retain Military Rank of National Security Adviser HR McMaster

H.R. McMaster

The Senate voted 86-10 Wednesday to let H.R. McMaster keep his military status as a three-star lieutenant general with the U.S. Army while he serves as President Donald Trump’s national security adviser, Defense News reported Wednesday.

Joe Gould writes that senators did not have to subject McMaster’s appointment to confirmation in the upper chamber but the law requires them to reconfirm a military officer of three star rank or above when the officer has been appointed for a different position.

President Trump selected McMaster to be his national security adviser after Michael Flynn resigned from the role last month.

The Senate Armed Services Committee backed the approval of McMaster to retain his current rank through a 23-2 vote last week.

“McMaster’s distinguished career has included multiple overseas tours in the service of our country, experiences that will be invaluable as he provides President Trump with advice on the many challenges facing the United States around the globe,” the White House said Wednesday.

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