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US-Jordan Team Discuss Possible Approaches to Mitigate WMD Production

The U.S. and Jordan have participated in a capacity-building workshop at the Exercise Eager Lion event to discuss interdiction and potential approaches to prevent the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.

DoD said Thursday that the Proliferation Security Initiative workshop looked to identify opportunities to boost national legal authorities, discuss challenges regarding WMD proliferation as well as examine national and international legal authorities.

PSI is a global program that looks to prevent the trafficking of WMDs, delivery systems and related materials to and from states and non-state actors of proliferation concern.

The program aims to develop procedures regarding the exchange of information on WMD proliferation, boost national legal authorities to facilitate interdiction and take specific actions in support of interdiction efforts.

“Our work together these last few days through the PSI was intended to help [Jordan] develop another national security tool,” said Andrea Yaffe, director of transnational threats from the U.S. Office of the Secretary of Defense.

“We are stronger when we confront these threats together, and the PSI is an important example of that cooperation,” said Amjad Al Rudaini, chief of planning and defense requirements for the Jordanian armed forces.

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