NIST Cyber Center Seeks Comments on Proposed Internet Traffic Routing Security Project

The National Institute of Standards and Technology‘s National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence has begun to seek public comments on a draft project that seeks to develop a publication to provide recommendations to protect internet traffic routing functions from cyber threats.

NCCoE said the proposed special publication as part of the Secure Inter-Domain Routing: Route Hijacks project will offer recommendations on the use of routing and inter-domain technologies and protocols.

The project also aims to facilitate the implementation of the Border Gateway Protocol Route Origin Validation process based on the Resource Public Key Infrastructure to help reduce route hijacking-related attacks.

BGP works as a default protocol for internet routing among autonomous systems and internet service providers.

NCCoE also plans to develop a cyber practice guide that will suggest practices that seek to show the functionality of ROV components.

The center will accept public feedback through June 29.


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