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Report: Maj. Gen. Bradford Shwedo to Become Air Force CIO

Bradford Shwedo

Maj. Gen. Bradford Shwedo will serve as chief information officer of the U.S. Air Force beginning on June 9, C4ISRNET reported Wednesday.

Shwedo, who is also scheduled for a promotion to the rank of Lt. Gen., will succeed retired Lt. Gen. William Bender who served as the service branch’s CIO since September 2014.

He currently leads the 25th Air Force where he oversees tactical warfighting and national-level operations in support of the director of the National Security Agency and the chief of the Central Security Service.

The commander of the 25th Air Force has held various roles within the Defense Department since December 1989 including numerous staff assignments with the Air Force Headquarters, CIA, Cyber Command, Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Office of the Secretary of Defense for Policy.

Shwedo also served under multiple positions within the 53rd Fighter Squadron, 497th Intelligence Group, Detachment 2, 566th Information Operations Squadron, 67th Network Warfare Group, 67th Network Warfare Wing and the Air Combat Command.

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