Army Develops System for Multiple UAS Control

blankThe U.S. Army‘s aviation development directorate has built a new platform designed to help air mission commanders operate up to three unmanned aerial systems at the same time.

The Supervisory Controller for Optimal Role Allocation for Cueing of Human Operators system, or SCORCH, was developed to help air mission commanders complete tasks at a faster rate without the need for additions to operator workloads, the Army said June 29.

“The SCORCH system was designed specifically to support an AMC on board a manned helicopter during manned-unmanned teaming operations,” said Grant Taylor, ADD engineering research psychologist.

Amit Surana, principal research scientist at the United Technologies Research Center, said that UTRC helped ADD develop the supervisory control interface for the SCORCH platform, software and decision-making support tools.

Surana added the system represents an integration of new technologies in areas including autonomy, cognitive sciences, human and machine interaction.

SCORCH’s interface is designed with a touchscreen glass cockpit, a movable game-type hand controller and target recognition system.

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