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Govt, Industry Participants Train for Infrastructure Defense at Cyber Guard Exercise

The FBI, Cyber Command and Department of Homeland Security have co-hosted a week long exercise wherein participants from academia, industry, U.S. government and other allies performed training activities designed to prepare personnel for potential cyber attacks on critical infrastructure.

Cybercom said Wednesday that the Cyber Guard event gathered more than 40 participating organizations from 22 countries that teamed up to defend and protect infrastructure from varying cyber threats which ranged from disruptive to catastrophic.

More than 700 cyber operators and infrastructure personnel from Cybercom, the intelligence community, the National Guard and Reserves participated on various simulated cyber threat scenarios at the Joint Staff’s facility in Suffolk, Virginia.

“I think all warfare today requires inter-dependencies, coalitions and partners … but in cyber, I think there is a more profound requirement to have partnerships in ways that are different than other military warfighting domains,” said Lt. Gen. J. Kevin McLaughlin, deputy commander of Cybercom.

Cybercom said that the Cyber Guard event was created to help operators evaluate cyber attack capacities and establish collaborative cybersecurity strategies between U.S. agencies, international partners, private and public industries.

The event also assessed the legal challenges faced by elements of operations in cyberspace.

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