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Joe Stuntz: OMB to Issue New Consolidated ID Mgmt Policy

The Office of Management Budget will create a new policy on identity management by building on the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s updated digital identity guidelines and on the White House’s memo that seeks to reduce agency reporting requirements, Federal News Radio reported Tuesday.

Joe Stuntz, a policy lead for cyber and national security unit at OMB, said the consolidated policy is part of OMB’s efforts to simplify the identity management guidelines used by federal agencies and contractors.

“As part of this burden reduction effort, we are looking at the existing identity memos [and] the fact that agencies have to go to five or six different places,” Stuntz said during a panel discussion at the Security Industry Association’s Gov Summit held Thursday in Washington.

“We are looking at how to do a little bit of centralization around that, how to make sure agencies know where to look [and] aren’t going to five different places [and] getting conflicting guidance.”

OMB will consider the Federal Identity, Credential and Access Management roadmap and the Circular A-130 update as it creates the new policy.

He added that OMB will seek public feedback on the new policy that seeks to leverage the changes made during the cybersecurity sprint following the data breach at the Office of Personnel Management.

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