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Lisa Disbrow: USAF Needs Budget to Modernize Weapons, Increase Force Size

Lisa Disbrow

Lisa Disbrow, formerly undersecretary of the U.S. Air Force, has said she believes budget uncertainty affects the military service’s efforts to update its weapon systems and respond to rapid changes in the threat environment, Defense One reported Friday.

“I believe that [the] really, really largest threat facing us is potential for returning to a Budget Control Act level, which would be devastating to our readiness, devastating to our ability to modernize,” Disbrow told Defense One in an interview.

Disbrow, whose last day in office was Friday, called on the Air Force to boost its force size based on the nature of current threats.

She added the service branch seeks to increase the number of fighter aircraft it procures to 100 aircraft a year and works with Congress to make that happen.

The retired Air Force Reserve colonel was nominated by former President Barack Obama for the Air Force’s no. 2 civilian post in September 2015 and her nomination was approved by the Senate five months later.

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