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Navy Preps for USS Harry Truman Carrier Sea Trials

Nimitz-class aircraft carrier has departed the U.S. Navy‘s facility in Portsmouth, Virginia, to undergo sea trials following the completion of a 10-month planned incremental availability.

The Navy said Friday it was preparing USS Harry S. Truman, also called CVN 75, for multiple training exercises that would involve damage control, flight deck operations and simulated combat at sea.

“Truman is ready to tackle the next stage of doing what carriers do – conduct prompt and sustained combat operations from the sea,” said Capt. Ryan Scholl, commanding officer of CVN 75.

Huntington Ingalls IndustriesNewport News Shipbuilding division helped the service branch modernize the Truman carrier under a $52.4 million contract awarded in August 2016.

The PIA effort covered updates to the vessel’s internal and external communication network along with the installation of more than 3,000 Consolidated Afloat Networks and Enterprise Services assets and the service branch’s tactical afloat network.

Navy and contractor personnel also collaborated to maintain, repair and update approximately 4,500 reactor material items along with shipboard systems, crew living spaces and berthing spaces.

USS Truman will dock at its homeport at Naval Station Norfolk after it completes the sea trials.

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