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Report: Marines Start to Implement Mobile C2 System

The U.S. Marine Corps has begun to implement a mobile command-and-control system designed to detect and track flight paths and small objects at a faster rate and higher accuracy than current C2 platforms, Defense Systems reported Friday.

Marine Air Control Squadron 2 transitioned to the new C2 system following completion of tests held at the service branch’s air station in Cherry Point, North Carolina.

The report said the system features the Common Aviation Command and Control System with Composite Tracking Network software and the Ground/Air Task Oriented Radar that works to help users monitor low-flying drones and cruise missiles.

“The CTN allows the Marine Corps to utilize its organic radar systems to integrate with other assets such as an E-2 Hawkeye or Navy ships that are out in the water,” said Capt. David Haber-Mattie, air defense control officer at MACS-2.

The new C2 system also uses a truck-portable radio antenna and Humvees to support line-of-sight connection for the CTN and accommodate servers of the system, respectively.

Marine Corps has also bought nine CAC2S Phase 2 systems from General Dynamics and the service branch is scheduled to field seven of the units this year.

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