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Pentagon Assigns F-35 Warehousing Task to Australia, Netherlands

The Defense Department has delegated regional warehousing capability to Australia and the Netherlands as part of DoD’s F-35 Global Support Solution strategy.

Both countries will manage the international fighter program’s aviation inventory through warehouse and distribution facilities located across the European and Pacific regions, according to an article published Wednesday on Lockheed Martin‘s F-35 website.

“Our mission is to deliver and sustain an affordable, capable and combat-ready F-35 weapon system that provides the U.S. and International warfighters with a dominate battlefield advantage,” said Vice Adm. Mat Winter, F-35 Program Executive Officer.

“To do that successfully, the U.S. Services and our allies need to have the right parts delivered at the right time and having a solid warehousing plan helps to make it happen.”

DoD based the assignments on data the F-35 Joint Program Office collected from partner nations, foreign military sales customers and other industries.

Future assignments will cover the delivery of additional components, support equipment, full mission simulators, autonomic logistics information systems and maintenance training devices.

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