Richard Spencer: Navy Wants Industry Input on Maritime Disaster Response Procedures

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Richard Spencer

U.S. Navy Secretary Richard Spencer has said that military service will meet with several companies to obtain insights into how the private sector responds to disasters as part of a strategic readiness review on the branch’s operational safety procedures, Defense News reported Wednesday.

Spencer added the Navy wants to work with B.P., Crowley Maritime and other ship operators that had dealt with disasters at sea in efforts to avoid fatal collisions.

The service branch started to review its disaster response procedures following separate USS Fitzgerald and USS John S. McCain collisions that happened in the summer.

DoD Buzz reported Wednesday that Spencer and other Navy officials also want to gather input from Boeing, Maersk and the Sandia National Laboratories on how to rebuild after a major disaster and safety crisis.

“We’re going to [look at] this as best practices for people who have come out the other side,” said Spencer.

“We really do expect this to be a learning experience as we’re set to go forward.”