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Army to Develop PNT Open Architecture System

The U.S. Army has begun to develop an open architecture system that would use plug-and-play sensors to facilitate navigation for soldiers deployed to GPS-limited areas, C4ISRNET reported Monday.

The Scorpion positioning, navigation and timing system is designed to employ modular hardware and software through a tactical computer and has only been tested on commercial platforms.

“It will be a sensor fusion filter that will allow us to hook up any sensor to the filter; and the filter will understand what the sensor is, what the data is and how to integrate that into a single PNT solution,” said Adam Schofield, chief at the emerging technologies branch at the Army’s Communications-Electronics Research, Development and Engineering Center.

The Army is working with the Air Force Institute of Technology on the project, which falls under the Defense Department‘s Initiative for Open Systems Architecture for PNT.

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