Cybercom Establishes Strategic Concepts to Mitigate Cyber Threats to Natl Security

The U.S. Cyber Command has developed an operational approach to defensive cyber operations and strategic concepts which aim to help address a number of cyber threats to national security.

According to a Department of the Navy report published Wednesday Cybercom also helped establish the Proactive – Defensive Cyberspace Operations Board which works to align the resources of multiple organizations and create focused and prioritized proactive cyber protection team operations designed to strengthen the Department of Defense Information Networks.

The P-DCO Board used an intelligence and threat-based strategy to engage the total force which included cyber forces under services and combatant commanders.

The total force approach led to more than a 100 percent rise in the deployment of Cyber National Mission Force cyber protection team operations that worked to protect DoDIN from malicious threats and adversaries.

Cybercom added it developed the “Operational Guidance 3-2: Defensive Cyberspace Operations” and “Operational Guidance for Sensing” documents which respectively help plan and execute defensive cyberspace operations as well as support situational awareness.

The Cybercom team also launched Operation Gladiator Hunter which synchronizes previous efforts and sets initial benchmarks for strategic prioritization of DCO missions throughout the Defense Department.

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