DoD, HHS Leaders: Information Sharing With Industry is Key to Mitigate Ransomware

Mitchell Komaroff, principal adviser for cybersecurity strategy, planning and oversight at the Defense Department, has said DoD collaborates with industry partners to help mitigate threats such as ransomware, FedTech reported Thursday.

Komaroff told the audience at the CyberScoop CyberTalks event in Washington, D.C. that DoD works to outline clear cybersecurity requirements in contracts and share threat information with industry to prevent attacks on the department’s supply chain and on the intellectual property of defense companies.

He noted that the WannaCry ransomware attack in May did not affect DoD’s systems but posed a “mission risk” to the department since commercial partners’ networks were disrupted.

Christopher Wlaschin, chief information security officer of the Department of the Health and Human Services, said HHS collaborates with healthcare information sharing organizations such as the National Health Information Sharing and Analysis Center and the HITRUST Alliance to notify the healthcare sector about cybersecurity threats.

Wlaschin added that HHS uses its Health Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center to contextualize threat information and make them understandable for doctors, nurses and office managers without advanced information technology knowledge.

HHS also works with information sharing organizations to deliver comprehensible cybersecurity threat information to small doctors’ offices across U.S., Wlaschin noted.

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