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Holger Lueschow: European Govsatcom Demo to Commence Next Summer

Holger Lueschow, satellite communications program manager at the European Defense Agency, said the European Govsatcom demonstration project will begin to deliver Satcom services to government users next summer, Space News reported Wednesday.

The Govsatcom project will utilize pooling and asset sharing efforts to mitigate challenges related to the affordability, security and timeliness of Satcom services delivered to governmental users in Europe.

Lueschow noted the EDA now has a common understanding on how and what services should be offered to government agencies.

“Later this month, we will look at the question of how to finance the project, or more specifically, how to finance the services to be provided,” he added.

The report noted the Govsatcom demonstration will work to lay the foundations for future European Commission-led Govsatcom projects.

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