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DoD Deploys New Object Classification Algorithm Onboard ScanEagle UAS Platform

The Defense Department has integrated a new object classification algorithm onboard a ScanEagle unmanned aerial system which flew on the battlefield as part of an effort to help Special Command analysts exploit intelligence from drone video feeds, Defense One reported Thursday.

Intelligence analysts from the DoD integrated new hardware and software technology on the ScanEagle platform to help boost the detection and recognition accuracy of the drone as part of the Project Maven effort.

The Maven algorithm, which was developed through commercial technologies, was paired with the Minotaur correlation and geo-registration application to combine their respective object classification and map location display features.

The Project Maven team looks to integrate the new algorithms on smaller tactical drones prior to its expansion to larger UAS platforms such as the Predator and Reaper.

The team will also look to transition the algorithms on the drones themselves as opposed to the current approach which has the algorithms equipped on computers that received the video feed.

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