CIGIE Report: Cybersecurity, IT Modernization Among Areas That Need Cross-Agency Collaboration

A new report by the Council of the Inspectors General on Integrity and Efficiency has identified six critical areas that IGs need to address to facilitate and build up cross-agency collaboration.

CIGIE said in the December 2017 report those areas include information technology infrastructure modernization; cybersecurity; effort to protect national security; oversight of grants; prevention of improper payments and fraudulent claims; and efficiency and integrity in contracting and subcontracting activities.

The report cited some of the common themes among those critical issues and those include the need for a well-trained workforce, use of data analytics, reduction in duplication and fragmentation among programs and the use of virtual collaboration sites to provide IGs greater oversight.

Agencies should provide training support for OIG cybersecurity personnel and advance information sharing in order to promote cross-OIG coordination in the area of cybersecurity, according to the report.

The document also mentioned challenges to collaboration in the contracting and subcontracting area such as contracting oversight issues and lack of capability to carry out audits of cost-type contracts.

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