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Gen. Jay Raymond: National Space Defense Center Begins Full-Time Operations

The National Space Defense Center, a partnership between the Intelligence Community and Defense Department, was declared fully operational on Jan. 8 to support interagency efforts to secure U.S. space assets.

NSDC aims to increase the government’s capacity to protect and defend space-based systems that support joint warfighters, the U.S. Air Force said Friday.

The center will work to develop platforms and services that can help the U.S. attribute, characterize, detect and warn against potential threats to space systems as well as supports information exchange for space defense missions of the DoD, National Reconnaissance Office and other partner agencies.

“We have officially transitioned the NSDC from an experiment to a functioning 24/7/365 operations center focused on protecting and defending the space domain,” said Gen. Jay Raymond, commander of the Air Force Space Command.

“The new 24/7 operations at the NSDC will help ensure the national security space enterprise outpaces any emerging and advanced space threats by facilitating information sharing across the space community,” noted Col. Dan Wright, deputy director of the NSDC.

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