DoD’s Natl Security Tech Accelerator, Marine Corps Partner to Form Adaptive Threat Force

The U.S. Marine Corps‘ Warfighting Laboratory/Futures Directorate has signed a two-year agreement with MD5, the Defense Department‘s technology accelerator for national security, to form group that will serve as adversaries in Marine experiments.

USMC said Wednesday the Adaptive Threat Force will be formed to challenge experimental Marines teams with situations that require adaptive thinking and response.

“Through this agreement, MD5 will create experimental security threats to the Marine Corps Warfighting Laboratory to test the lab’s readiness when it comes to future security threats,” said MD5 Director Morgan Plummer.

Lt. Col. Dan Schmitt, field testing branch head for the MCWL/FD’s experiment division, said that mimicry of a real potential adversary is required in order to test the performance of future technologies and concepts.

The Pentagon established MD5 to support the establishment of technology-based ventures that will work to help address the government’s national security, economic, security and social goals.

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