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Report: 5 Goals to Strengthen Federal IT Networks’ Cyber Resilience Against Botnets

The departments of Homeland Security and Commerce have issued a draft report that lists five objectives that aim to build up the resilience of federal information technology systems and critical infrastructure from botnets and other automated cyber threats.

Those goals include the identification of a clear pathway to create a secure and sustainable technology marketplace; advancement of innovation in networks and infrastructure to help detect and prevent malicious behavior and other evolving threats; and establishment of coalitions between infrastructure, security and operational technology communities, the Commerce Department said Friday.

The agencies submitted the report to President Donald Trump in compliance to a May 2017 executive order that seeks to increase the cyber defense of federal IT networks and critical infrastructure.

The draft document also cited six major themes about automated, distributed attacks; product security; awareness and education; cyber tools adoption; and market incentives.

The Commerce Department will accept comments on the report through Feb. 12 and hold a two-day workshop that is set to kick off Feb. 28 at a National Institute of Standards and Technology facility in Rockville, Maryland.

The two departments will integrate feedback and other comments into the final report that is due for submission to the president on May 11.

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