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Report: Air Force Implements Zero-Base Budget Review to Boost Military Readiness

The U.S. Air Force has started a zero-base budget review program in support of efforts to boost military readiness for the current threat environment.

The service branch said Friday fiscal year 2018’s budget will keep funding for programs such as the B-21 Raider, KC-46 Pegasus, F-35 Lightning II and other military programs to continue the previous year’s focus on readiness.

“We’ll look at each and every program and requirement to see if it’s increasing our lethality for the future threat environment as we prepare for [fiscal year 2020] and the Future Years Defense Plan,” said Matthew Donovan, under secretary of the Air Force.

Donovan also noted the fiscal 2019 President’s budget request aligns with objectives of the National Security Strategy and National Defense Strategy.

The fiscal 2019 request for the Air Force focuses on modernization, nuclear deterrence, people, readiness and space capacities that can help the service branch mitigate challenges in the joint environment.

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